ProDeal Program Details:
1) Authorized Retailer Employees are eligible for a 50% Off Retail discount through ExOfficio.com.
a. No Processing Fees and Free Ground Shipping!
b. Purchases are limited to $1200 per 6 month season (Jan-June, July-Dec).
c. This program is for the sole use of the approved ExOfficio Pro customer. Purchasing for friends and family is prohibited. Unauthorized transfer or resale of products will result in termination of program benefits.
d. Other Rules & Restrictions are posted on ExOfficio.com/propurchase
2) Eligibility will be determined on if associated Retailer is an Authorized Re-Seller of ExOfficio Products.
3) Account Eligibility will be reviewed on a regular basis.
4) Product Availability is always subject to change.

How To Gain Access:

  1. Go to www.exofficio.com/propurchase
  2. Fill in all required fields
    a. NOTE: The email address that you use here CANNOT be changed later. If you need to change email addresses, you will need to apply for a new account
  3. Important! Under ‘Pro Category’, you MUST use ‘Authorized Retailer Employee’. This category is the one specifically tied to your ProDeal discount.
  4. Please indicate the Retail Store that you work for in the ‘Additional Info’ field.
    Click ‘Submit’.
    Once complete, we will review your application and approve within 48 hours.

Issues, Questions, & Concerns should be directed to VIP@ExOfficio.com