Marmot Sleeping Bags, Tents & Packs


The Marmot S16 Equipment Handout contains great technical information regarding Marmot sleeping bags, packs and tents!

  • Updates to our best selling down sleeping bag designs!
    • UPDATED Ultralight 800fp bags lost 2 ounces and came down in price by up to $130!
    • UPDATED Outdoor 650fp bags lost up to 3 ounces and came down $10-$20 in price.
    • NEW Ultralight Composite 850fp bags are almost as light as the Plasma bags and retail for about $200 less!
  • Three brand new tents!
    • NEW  Catalyst 2 & 3p tents offer a free footprint and two doors and start at $169!
    • UPDATED Limelight 2 & 3p tents offer more than 50% more space than the previous versions!
    • NEW Colfax 2, 3 & 4p tents convert from a cabin tent to a sun shade in minutes.
  • New packs!
    • NEW Graviton packs are ultralight and come in 34, 36, 38 & 48 liter capacities.

Tent Livability

Marmot has always set the standard for tent livability in the industry. By using Tent Topography and separating the living space into zones, we better inform our customers so they can choose the best Marmot tents for their needs. Coupled with CAD data comparisons, we give customers a better idea of tent volume without the need of setting it up.
Zone Construction optimizes the Sleep, Body and Head zones, making them more comfortable in size and configuration for users.
Tent Topography is the tool that helps us visualize how much more room there is in each zone. We also have calculated the area in these zones using detailed measurements and CAD models.
Click on the “Tent Livability” link above to  learn more.

Down Sleeping Bags – Goose & Duck

P1100021                                                                                      photo: Tim Coats

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